I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Spring time is without a doubt my favorite time of the year, and it has been even more glorious this year with the beautiful sunshine and warm weather, in my part of the world at least.

First off I wanted to send you all a huge Thank you! for following and for your interest in what we’re doing. A lot of love and soul has gone in to getting the business to where it is now, as a new business, and we absolutely could not succeed or move forward without You!

As founder and owner of the business I am inspired every day by the lives and stories of women all over the world, of the adventures and challenges we face and overcome, and by the knowledge and personal wisdom to know that we all have the power and most importantly the choice to create a life that we love to live for ourselves!

My own journey of self discovery gathered great momentum in 2013 during my own Dare to Live! journey, which I now consider to be the start of and the inspiration behind Dare to Live! the business ( You can read more about my own journey at ceilifitzgerald.com if you’re curious).

So with that, I just wanted to welcome you to our quarterly newsletter and to this our very first Newsletter!!!

Many thanks and Much Love,

Ceili xx