A Woman’s Way Retreat Escape – Dare to Live! A lovely message left by one of our guests . Www.dare-tolive.com

A beautiful message and reminder for us all left for us by…

…one of the women attending our July 3rd ‘A Woman’s Way’ Retreat Escape. The sentiment in this message serves to highlight how inclusive, empowering and important the Dare to Live! Retreat Escapes are.

As women we all have such similar experiences as we make our way through life, similar stories and ways in which we understand and feel about life; and these similarities transcend our social differences, our cultural or our spiritual backgrounds. Realising and reminding ourselves that there is power in creating bonds, and healing to be found in making connections, with those who can understand, support, advise or just hear you, is important for us all.

We all have an innate need to connect and bond with others and more than anything Dare to Live! provides a tranquil space for woman all over the world to do just that! For the women of the world who spend a significant portion of life – seeking, craving, trying; yearning for connection, support, relaxation, and time to reflect – the Dare to Live! Retreat Escapes want to help you just as we have helped several others who have attended one of our #getaways

“If you seek answers. 

If you crave escape

If you try to be heard

If you yearn to share

Then you can ‘Dare to Live’ ” 

– Leigh (Cork, July 3rd)

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Ceili Fitzgerald – Founder&Owner Dare to Live! Retreat Escapes and adventure travel for women