EveningEchoJobprofile24-06-15 I dared to quit my isle HR job…

Name:Ceili Fitzgerald

Age: 33

Lives: Rostellan, Midleton, Co. Cork

Job title: Business founder and owner at Dare to Live!

Salary bracket:I”m just starting out so everything is going into the business right now.

Education Background: BA Sociology, minor Psychology; and Msc in Human Resource Management

Hobbies: Piano and singing, writing, photography

Describe your job in 5 words: Meaningful, multifaceted, challenging, fulfilling, and inspiring

Describe yourself in five words: Tenacious, kind-hearted, introvert, stubborn, adventurous

Personality needed for this type of work? Someone who is determined and adaptable, with the courage to stay focused on the bigger picture through the peaks and troughs of starting your own business. I would say that this type of work requires someone who is kind-hearted and empathetic, with an understanding of human nature, and a desire to help and make a difference.

How long are you doing this job? I started Dare to Live! with just a facebook page two years ago, and have now had a successful launch of our first retreat escape, a beautiful website and a calendar of scheduled getaways in West Cork for this year.

How did you get this job? Having attained my Bachelors degree I returned to Ireland with the aim of pursuing a career in in Human Resource Management I was unsure at first if this was the career path I definitely wanted to pursue and so signed myself up to a temping agency to gain an insight into the industry while taking a CIPD course part time in the evenings at CIT, in Personnel Practice.

I completed the CIPD course and landed an internship position in a global law firm’s HR department;then with certainty that Human Resources was the way forward for me, I enrolled in an MSc degree program at the University of Portsmouth in the UK, in Human Resource Management. After the two year program in 2008 I was unable to find work in the HR field when I returned home to Ireland, but did get a position as Senior People Team Coordinator in a tip 5 Audit firm in the Cayman Islands.

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