A fabulous day was had by all at the Irish Tatler Magazines’ inaugural working lunch on April 17th at the G hotel in Galway. Dare to Live! were proud sponsors of the #WorkIT lunch and we were honored to be there in support.

The charismatic Norah Casey led the luncheon with her voice of experience and knowledge and as I glanced around I could see the sparks of inspiration on the  faces around. I was truly impressed with how the day was run and the level of engagement and conversation those Galway girls took part in.

So many women there were owners of their own businesses or aspiring entrepreneurs and it was just so wonderful to see the diversity of personalities,age and life stories, yet such commonality of purpose and aspirations for achievements in life. It seems more and more these days I am reminded of a value I certainly believe in and thats that as women we are stronger when we support each other. We share such similar experiences throughout life and generate such powerful energy when we do come together in a spirit of collaboration or just encouragement and support. These are the moments I enjoy most in life.

So, I for one left the Tatler Galway event re-charged and inspired by a room full of Galway Girls!

Thanks so very much to Norah Casey, the Irish Tatler and Clearview Coaching for spreading out their reach of expertise to include other areas of the country in a much needed opportunity to connect, inspire and bring encouragement to so many women with big dreams.

Dare to Live!