The Woman’s Way retreat launch took place this past March and none of us could have predicted what an amazing success it was going to be. With the sunshine brightening the skies for the entire weekend our retreat escape kicked off with a solar eclipse in clear view, on the first morning!! Now if thats not a good omen I don’t know what is.

8 beautiful and brave women took part and here’s what they had to say at the end of their retreat…

Testimonials and Memories 

The first group is always special and this group of women truly embraced the adventure of the Dare to live experience. They came together, some with initial hesitation, and connected with each other and into the serenity of the house and scenery. A group of new friends was formed from bonds of trust, support, laughter and great conversation.

The meals were a highlight and everyone made sure to get their name down for a 30 minute massage with our in-house masseuse.

We’ve nicknamed our first group of women the ‘Linden Ladies’ after the name of the venue and they have since gone on to set up their own facebook page where the sharing and joking still continues.

I am truly inspired and moved by each of these women and humbled by their expression of love and thanks for what their experience brought them.

All in all it was a fabulous weekend, making our business managers trip over from the US very much worth the jet lag and flight delays!

Photos from the launch 

(Above:The breakfast dining area at Linden house. Photo #2 A view from the water facing the West Wing of Linden House taken by Karen Lunnon)

Ken our chef was on fire during the week of the retreat and delighted the women with his artful mastery, my personal favorite of the meal choices was the Tuscan Bean and Smoked Tomato soup on the first evening and this Brill dish below (photo taken by Karen Lunnon). Sublime!!

Brill and Shrimp – Sandwiches to Go! on final day – Scallop and Smoked Salmon Starter #Chefheff (Chef Ken Heffernan)