Our Story

We have started this business for the discerning women of the world who are seeking ways to achieve purposeful change and happiness in their lives.

Encouraging women to embark on life changing experiences of adventure as they give themselves permission to learn more about their outlook on personal change, self discovery and empowerment.

We have created some pretty amazing international retreat escapes inspired by the feedback from women all around the world as well as our own personal experiences as women who seek and embrace change.

Ceili Fitzgerald
Ceili Fitzgerald Creator and Owner of Dare to Live!
Hi there!!

Adventure, and exploration has always been a constant theme through my life. As a young child, I followed my father through rain forests, to the tops of Mayan temples, and across the seas. My naturally inquisitive and empathetic nature kept me questioning, learning, and discovering so many wonderful revelations and lessons about the world, about who I am, about relating to people, and most powerfully, I’ve learned the importance of connection with others and of love in all its forms.

Tragically, in 2013 following the death of a childhood friend by suicide, and following a very difficult time in my own personal life, I made the decision to leave the life I had built around me behind. I left my corporate job in the Cayman Islands, my house, I sold my car, and handed my beloved Edward aka Eddie the Ginja Ninja (my cat) to a friend. I had my thick curls turned into a near bald pixie cut, as my way of letting the world (and myself) know “I am here!”, and left the life I knew, to re-discover who I am and what I am most passionate about.

Taking the greatest risk in my life to date, I set off on an incredible journey of self-discovery and adventure that has led me to a new chapter, sharing my passion with you. My business Dare to Live! is a reflection of my desire to try and help, to do what I can to offer inspiration, empowerment and the opportunity to discover, or re-discover, your passion and true desires too!

Starting Dare to Live!, with my amazing and beautiful sister now by my side, has been in itself an unbelievable journey, and I am honored to welcome you to our site as we share our journey, our passions, and our hope, that we can help other women discover ways to live the lives they truly love.

Dare to Live!
Much Love,

Ceili xx
Creator and Owner of Dare to Live!

To read more about my own story link up here: www.ceilifitzgerald.com

Catherine Hicks
Catherine Hicks Business Manager
I’m a wife, a mom, a marathon runner, a cat owner, a chocolate lover, a dreamer, and a thinker, this is me in a few short words.

Born and raised in the Cayman Islands I was eager to spread my wings and expand my horizons and at the age of 16 I left my island home to attend university in New Jersey, USA. I earned my degree in Business and watched my life take off in my new home in the USA. Life was exciting; I was, young, strong and determined. Marrying my college sweetheart, we embarked on a new life as parents of my two beautiful children, Courtney and Aiden. I bought a home, got a decent job, everything was as I had hoped and dreamed of.

There really wasn’t much more to ask for, but eventually the feeling that something was missing began to creep in.  Was it selfish to feel like I wanted more? Did wanting more make me an ungrateful or bad wife and mother? What was it that was missing anyways? These questions and worries played endlessly through my mind and I needed direction to finally put my finger on it.

It all came to light when my sister approached me with her amazing life changing experience, one she too was searching for; and without hesitation, I eagerly accepted. I wanted to be free, to be inspired, to direct my own destiny, and to share this with other women who were feeling the same as I was.

This is Ceili’s journey, my journey, our journey, where we dare to live the life we love!I can’t wait to welcome you to the Dare to Live! experience and hope, no matter what choice you make, that you will find inspiration while visiting our site.


Dare to Live! Business Manager

You can reach me on cathy@dare-tolive.com