Ireland Inspires Me – The 2015 Pendulum Summit

On January 9th 2015 I sat in eager anticipation with Dare to Live!’s greatest fan and supporter, my mother. With dimmed lights and an eagerly awaiting audience of over 1700 bodies, our day of embracing greatness began.

From the get go, awaiting bolts of inspiration and motivation to strike me and change my life, I was mesmerized by the energy in the room and the passion that each speaker brought to the podium.

First to the stage was Taoiseach Enda Kenny who called on the flock before him to take a National stance in preparing the youth of Ireland to be resilient adults. Mr. Enda described the Irish people as “Gregarious” and “Inquisitive”, a pretty spot on description I’d say. He continued on to describe Ireland as a “…deeply spiritual country”. For some reason this perspective, although clearly made, intrigued if not slightly confused me.

Why so?

Well….I suppose while I’ve always associated my homeland as a somewhat religious country, with the over-powering presence of the Church, I’d never really thought of Ireland and its people as particularly ‘spiritual’ per se. And to me there is a distinction to be made between the two.

Lending to my intrigue at this perspective, was the mere fact that my belief that Irish people en mass were Spiritual in any way, was being challenged by the 1700 plus people in attendance at an event where Deepak Chopra was the main international speaker for the day. The proof is in the pudding as they say and this crowd was giving me a new insight into Ireland as a nation in change.

It was truly exciting and uplifting to see the evidence right in front of me that in Ireland today, more and more people are actively curious about turning inward, about seeking alternative ways to think about their lives, their relationships, wellbeing and their careers. More and more people are interested in dialogue on topics and activities around self-discovery, empowerment and the journey toward contented happiness.

This was the most inspiring revelation of the day for me! Oh that and sitting in a room of almost 1800 people being led in meditation by none other than Mr. Deepak himself. Pre..tay cool if you ask me!.

Each speaker with their own unique story and message took us on a journey to complete their mission of helping the crowd in front of them realize the power we have within us as individuals, to create positive change in our lives. The power we have to make anything we desire come to fruition through our ability to choose our attitude every single day of our lives; and that anything, absolutely anything is possible.

The golden nugget of the day was shared by author and speaker Keith Ferrazzi who brought home the message that without action, without taking a step forward, without talking about your dreams with others and finding those core people in our lives to keep us accountable for achieving our dreams, then change can not be achieved.

Taking action to create change is THE challenge for us all, always. But as long as there is life there is possibility.

I truly believe spirituality is important and a precious source of focus for all of us, and I’m not talking about forcing a daily practice in your life, but rather to look at spirituality as a way of living in a positive way, through self reflection and self-discovery. What ever works for you, works for you. We all have the capacity to be spiritual beings.

Spirituality is life. We are life…so lets start living it.

Dare to Live!

Much Love

Ceili xx