Poem by Leigh (Woman’s Way Retreat Escape July 2015)

“Women need this space – We need Dare to Live to exist

to help us remember how great we are.” 

Sharon (Women’s Way Retreat March 2015)


“Thank you so much for creating this much needed, inspiring space for women,

it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of

such a unique fulfilling experience.”

Nicole (Woman’s Way Retreat Escape March 2015)



“Dare to Live is a really special adventure that any woman, old or young, confident or insecure, introverted or extroverted, can enjoy and take something from……I will never forget my time here and the things I have learned about others (and) myself .This retreat is a gift like no other.” 

– Sarah (Woman’s Way Retreat Escape March 2015)

“Thank you for offering me the opportunity to step outside the comfort zone of my daily life. I have completely re-charged and renewed my passion for living – Honestly!!”

– Emily (March 2015)


…”You gave me so much. You are angels. No words can express how much love this has made me feel, for the world, for others (and) for myself…” 

– Karen (March 2015)

“One of my desires has now become success for ‘Dare to Live’. This is a very important stop on anyone’s journey”

– Miriam (March 2015)

Lasting Memories

Mary“The peace and quiet, the food – Amazing, the view – blown away, the people and their amazing stories and the feeling of being understood”

Elizabeth“The relaxed and safe environment to share who I am” 

Karen“All the love and support I felt, the beautiful food, the breathtaking scenery and the beautiful friendships I made”

Miriam“How inspired I was. How in awe of other people I now feel. Love and Laughter”

Sarah“Delicious food, spectacular scenery, delightful aromas aside – the thing I will remember most is the people and their stories and the idea that women are stronger and happier when they love and support each other”

Emily“I will remember most the peaceful feelings I experienced and the wonderful women I have met!”