What’s in it for you?

Intoxicate your senses….

Scenic Beauty

You will spend your time in our beautifully amazing venues, chosen especially for their serene location and mesmerizing views.


A Sense of Community and Connection

There is space for 12 women maximum on each retreat and this small group offering allows for a richer experience to connect, inspire, share and learn together.  Our retreat escapes bring together like-minded women who share a similar interest and desire to take some time out, reflect and discover and to learn and grow in a fun and trusting environment.

Food to Nourish the Soul

All meals will be prepared and served by our 5 star Chef and Culinary artist who’s organic and beautifully prepared food is simply “love on a plate”.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be served in-house and you won’t even need to do the washing up!

Activities and Workshops….

Nature Abounds

At all of our retreat locations and adventure travel trips there are a multitude of outdoor activity options that we can avail of. Immersing ourselves into the natural beauty around us somehow allows for a shift in spirit, and a release of tension and stress if we allow ourselves to see and feel and  welcome the beauty of being a part of nature into our lives. Space and air is healing, refreshing, relaxing, and energizing and we have walks of all levels, boat trips, kayaking and many other options to appeal to our innately nature loving senses.

All venues are located on expansive areas of enclosed land where you can spend personal time to stroll, take in the views, sit and write, or take a jog if you need. We are in the best locations to take advantage of being in nature.

Transport is arranged for all off-site activities and is part of all planned itineraries.


 Girls Pow Wow

Led by the retreat leader, ‘Pow Wow’ sessions are planned into our daily itineraries. This is where the groups really shine. It is in these sessions we come together to talk, share insights and reflections, listen and offer advice and support. The central theme of these sessions, depending on the overall retreat theme*, will take us through areas of desired life changes, obstacles, perception shifts, tools to learn to start creating change, as well as listening and learning through the “girls talk” generated from each other’s experiences.

These sessions are also fun and lighthearted and a fantastic opportunity to connect with other women who have lived similar stories, experiences or troubles. It is in these sessions that we see the transformative energy of the collective as well as the individual.

Something very beautiful happens when we as women come together, away from our everyday lives, to unwind, discover and share together. So many of us crave genuine, authentic connection and as women we need this. Take a chance on yourself and on other women out there, and leave with another set of friends!