SittinIMG_1824g in a cafe in rainy Ballyheighue Co. Kerry, a cycle of negative thoughts threatens to kick off as I stare out at the darkened day through the cafe windows. Prone to being a bit of a worry wart, over the years I have developed a borage of tools to use when anxious thoughts begin to ruminate. Sometimes, such as the past few months, when circumstance, external pressures, internal pressures, doubt, fear and tiredness begins to weaken me and, my well tuned self-defence system starts to feel the impact.

Glad however that I have not yet become overwhelmed by these inevitable obstacles in life, I watch the rain, wishing I could reclaim the more comfortable sensations that courage in pursuing a goal brings. I sit wishing I could just feel excited again, could feel the pure joy in ‘creating’  that came so easily before. While I sit wishing for inspiration, with my mind fixated on things that could go wrong, I opened my lap top, and read two emails, while reading, my phone rang.

1. I received an email from my boss from my very first HR job in Cayman whom I worked with for a year, and whom I haven’t seen in many years. She was congratulating me on starting Dare to Live! she’d heard what was I was up to over coffee with a mutual friend, and commented in her message that I was “always passionate about empowering women” and was glad to see that I had found a niche to be able to live this.

2. I received an email from a journalist who is currently writing a piece on her very own experience at a Dare to Live retreat escape this July. She was looking for photos and a few pieces of information on our upcoming schedule

3.I received a phone call from someone I met previously at an event in Dublin earlier this year, inviting Dare to Live! to attend a conference in October and brought to the fore the possibility of collaborating on future projects together.

While searching in my bag for a pen I found one of the Dare to Live! quote cards floating around in my bag. It said

‘Worry is a waste of imagination”

Now smiling, I feel lighter, taking the above series as assurance to keep the faith and keep going.  Calm as a cucumber, doubts cleared, my worries have evaporated and my more familiar state of determined joyfulness has returned.

Sometimes the universe shouts and when it shouts at you, you have no choice but to listen and read the signs (literally!)

I first saw this quote written on a piece of wood nailed to a tree at the side of a road on the way to Dyea Alaska. It was an important message for me on that particular day during my travel through Alaska, and I needed to be reminded of this truth again today. Worrying is a waste of time, and imaginative energy. Instead of spending the time and using the energy it takes to worry about what has not yet happened, we can chose to apply this same time and use of imagination to create something better for ourselves.

Much love


Ceili Fitzgerald – Founder&Owner Dare to Live! Retreat Escapes and Adventure travel for women